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Blank CD-R Audio Format

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  • Taiyo Yuden 32x 80 minute CD-R Audio - Cellowrap 100

    NOTE: These discs are designed for use in Hi-Fi CD Recorders. They are not suitable for use in computer CD Recorders.

    An Audio Compact Disc disc from Taiyo Yuden - the best quality recording media available.

    Taiyo Yuden Production Changes - Please note that we are now entering the transition phase between Taiyo Yuden branded products and CMC Powered by TY Technology branded product. This is as a result of CMC purchasing the production facilities from Taiyo Yuden Japan. Some of our stock is the traditional TY branded products, however, this is gradually being replaced by the CMC branded replacements. The discs themselves are manufactured on the same production facilities and to the same high standards, only the name on the packaging is changing. Learn More

  • Verbatim 80 minute Audio CD-R - Jewel Case Pack of 10

    Note: This disc is for use in Hi-Fi CD Recorders. It is not intended for use in computer CD burners. Verbatim Corporation is an international organization that develops and markets innovative, high-quality products for storing, moving and using digital content. Known for its leadership in the removable storage media and related accessories markets, Verbatim provides reliable, unique technologies and products that are highly sought after and broadly distributed worldwide. Preferred by DVD drive manufacturers, Verbatim DVD media continues to set the standard for high-speed disc performance, reliability, and compatibility. Verbatim is the media arm of Mitsubishi Corporation. Learn More

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  • Maxell 80 Minute CD-R Audio - Caketub 25

    This pack of Maxell 80 minute CD-R Audio comes in a caketub of 25 discs. These discs are designed for use in specialised audio recording equipment and will not work as a normal data CD-R in your computer. Ideal for recording up to 80 minutes of music. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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